Sacha Heemels illustration

Picturebook 'De maan is overal dezelfde'

The moon always remains the same.

Be enchanted by the story of the polar bear and the moon.

What if you are forced to leave everything you know behind? It happens to Luna. She leaves the North Pole with her mother in search of food. Everything along the way is strange and scary, like the dark forest they end up in. But gradually the forest becomes more open and lighter.

Then Luna suddenly sees something beautiful in the sky. Something that reassures her and reminds her of home. Because wherever you are: the moon is always the same.

A story about homesickness, about being far away from home and how nice it is to see something you know. With beautiful, refined watercolor illustrations by Sacha Heemels who draws a polar bear that you immediately want to hold in your arms.

A book you will never let go of.

Publisher: Lemniscaat 

Publishing date: February 2024

Spread from 'De maan is overal dezelfde'
spread from 'De maan is overal dezelfde'
Spread from 'De maan is overal dezelfde'
Character sketches for Luna
Character sketches for mama bear