Sacha Heemels illustration

Picture This!

Picture This! is an international illustration competition for the picture book makers of the future. Publisher Lemniscaat has been organizing this competition since 2014, in collaboration with publishers and agencies from Germany and South Africa.

In 2022 I was 1 of the 3 winners for the Netherlands and Belgium. See my 3 entries below.

The moon always stays the same 01
The moon always stays the same 02
The moon always stays the same 03

The jury report said the following: The jury was immediately captivated by the beautiful images in the night-time snow and the wayward look of little polar bear. The tranquil compositions and the seemingly simple story radiate a successful sense ofsecurity and calm. The illustrations in watercolour are very carefully and thoughtfully painted and worked out. The colour blue is really icy and the glow of the moon is pleasantly present everywhere. The three different perspectives also stand out. The illustrator clearly made this choice consciously. And it works! First from above, then very close and then zoomed out again with a perspective from the ground. The consistent style and colour palette make the illustrations very ‘readable’. The subtle little footsteps of little polar bear between the big steps of big polar bear really add to the whole.